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Monday, August 27, 2012

Stay At Home Mommy... minus the Kids :)

Today was officially the very first day in 10+ years that I do not have a kid "at home."  Sure I have had them all gone for a night or two... heck one time I made my escape for an entire weekend before I was drug back to reality (kicking and screaming of course).  But today my youngest joined the ranks of the others as a "school kid" and for almost 4 hours I was kid free.  It was amazing. 

Unfortunately our school only offers half day for pre-schoolers.  No matter much I begged they refused to keep her the second half.  So, alas, my youngest spawn is home by noon.  But I will take what I can get.  Nearly 4 hours of freedom, 5 days a week??  I think YES!! 

I am sure you are all curious as to how I spent those 4 hours.  Here is a break down...

7:45 Dropped off spawn 3 (S3) at pre-school.  Hugged her, kissed her, took her picture.  Then ran like hell for the truck

7:47 Pulled up to the local store, got a root beer.  Chatted up the store clerks.

7:53 Pulled into the driveway.  Just sat there.  Me and the significant other (SO).  Staring.  No words, just silence. 

7:59 SO leaves to head to location and I get out of the truck and sort of walk around the yard in circles looking for S3.

8:04 Post picture of S3 at school online. 

8:11 Check for comments on photo

8:16 Check again.

8:23 Call a friend and chat... about nothing

8:42 Sit on the swing on the porch

9:01 Update my online status to "Bored"

9:13 Finally get off swing and go inside

9:16 Start cleaning out closets.  Clean under beds.  Sweep and mop.  Straighten my desk.  Find my missing charger for my laptop.

10:42 Return to the porch and sit on the swing some more.

11:03 Check clock for the 9 thousandth time to make sure I have not missed my 3 alarms some how.  Don't want to be late picking up S3 on the first day... we will save that for next week ;)

11:12 Check the clock one last time and decide "that's close enough to 11:30" and head to the school.

11:13 Arrive at school (yeah it is not a long hike)

11:14 Join all the other mommies in the hall who were also worried about being late...

11:43 Finally take possession of S3 and head home.

All in all the day was BORING and entailed cleaning which I do NOT like doing.  I figured that I better find a hobby before I got hooked on the cleaning gig.  There is a reason I refer to myself as a Stay At Home Mom even after the kids are gone... Housewife or Homemaker just sound like I should be doing alot of cleaning/baking/cooking... I prefer SAHM because all that is obviously included in that is taking care of the kids.  If I clean the house it is extra, not expected :)

Now S3 is asleep (coloring and making friends is hard work) and I am alone on the computer.  S1 and S2 will be ready to be picked up in an hour.  I guess I better use this last hour wisely so I will wrap this up.  I need to get my Boards organized on Pinterest :D

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